Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Thoughts

On this labor day, I labored on chapter 9 about ASP.NET. I walked through a simple program taking screen shots of every single step. Now for the explanations. . .

I consider myself a poet, and I teach computer programming and database. The duel definition sometimes engenders a bit of schizophrenia.I sometimes distrust technology as much as I am fascinated by it.
The common wisdom is that any piece of technology is neutral in essence. Good or bad can only be ascribed to how it is used, to the intention of the user. But I agree instead with the philosopher Heidegger, that technology is never neutral. Technology changes the world. Technology changes how we interact with the world, how we perceive it. Ultimately it changes us. Heidegger is not anti-technology, but he thinks we have never looked at technology essentially, we have never looked carefully at what is offered versus what is taken away.We have never judged what it adds to our quality of life, versus what it replaces. The only judge has been the market place.
I suppose if I were a good capitalist that would be sufficient. But I am not convinced that the fact that something can be sold makes it intrinsically good.
Anyway, I may in this blog, try to think through some of these issues about what information technology is and isn't and how it relates to poetry. It may make for more interesting reading then simply listing my daily activities, though I will continue to do that also.

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