Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Rainy Saturday Morning

Pouring rain. The light green through the leaves. This is the Northwest that I know and love. I moved to this side of the mountains, in part, to get away from the constant heat and sun.

I have had very few philosophical thoughts the last few days. I have been preoccupied with rebuilding my computer after the installation of Windows 7. Everything has gone amazingly smoothly, and computer is behaving much better than it did with Vista. It is faster, smoother. I have had almost no errors or hangups. Many programs hiccuped a little on the install because they didn't recognize the OS. But Windows has a nice feature that lets a setup run in compatibility mode, and then they are happy.

I didn't hate Vista as much as some people did. After Service Pack 1 it was fairly well behaved and it had a lot of features that I liked. But Windows 7 is definitely better. My computer--a two year old Toshiba Laptop--behaves as if it were new.

I spent this morning with a few final downloads. Mostly I downloaded the Java runtime, and the Java SDK with the Netbeans IDE. I don't do a lot of development in Java, but I like to have the option. I also was checking to see what I lost. Inevitably there are a couple of small things that don't get backed up. I think I lost a bit of the River poem--but it is a bit I am pretty sure I can recreate. I also lost the SQL script I was making for my Winter 2010 SQL class. I want to give that class a new database and a new set of assignments. Again I can recreate what I did, but this involves a few hours work. The last thing I lost--or not lost actually, it just doesn't work anymore--is my library application. It is an ASP.Net application I wrote to keep track of what Library books I have out. It helps keep down the fines. I can recreate it easily enough, and probably even make it better. In all not bad for having to do a clean install.

So, rain. I always get a boost of energy in the autumn. I love the coolness and the smells of the season. The cinnamon of fallen leaves. The rustle of dried plants in the breeze. Autumn is when I turn to more philosophical musings, so there will be more of those soon.

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