Saturday, September 12, 2009

Huckleberry Finn

Worked on my text book for several hours, but still have several hours to go. When I couldn't do it any longer I took a few minutes to work on my River poem. It is one of my two long poems. I see it ultimately as book length. I realize nobody reads book length poems except me. That is as it is. Today I incorporated a bit of Huck Finn deep into the poem:

was a monstrous big river down there
sometimes a mile and a half wide sometimes
you could hear a sweep scraping or jumbled
voices could see a streak on the water which
you know by the look of the streak that there’s
a snag there in a swift current which breaks
on it and makes the streak look that way
we would watch the lonesomeness of the river
kind of lazy along and by and by lazy off
let her float wherever the current wanted to go
it’s lovely to live on a raft

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