Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another Restart

This blog has had more reboots than the Doctor on Doctor Who has had regenerations, but here is another. It is not that I haven't been busy. I have even blogged a great deal, but all on my school related blog. If you are interested you can see it at ITC blog. The most recent posts are about SQL and c#, earlier posts include java and Android.

I have also been writing, if not always what I would most want to write. I am working on the second edition of my database text book. I am also working on a proposal, at the editor's request, for a new book on systems analysis. I have, at least, three novel ideas and a plan--of sorts--for a long, very long, poem. More about all of these in later posts.

The main reason I am returning to this blog is that I have finally made some progress on, my self publishing web site. It is still in somewhat skeletal form, but is beginning to take shape. I want to make it "responsive" in the sense that it will adapt its display to the device that is viewing it. Now it does so by just being very simple, but as I learn more css3 I hope to add some complexity. You--my few if any readers-- are free to take a look. Comments are appreciated