Saturday, August 11, 2018

Perineal Promise.

I have neglected this blog over the last couple of years. Once in awhile i come back and make some great renewal of purpose with a new focus. Well, it is time for that perineal statement again, only i am not going to promise any special focus or topic. My new committment is simply to try to add an entry at least once a week. The entries will reflect whatever i am thinking about and working on, whether translations, poetry or ideas.

For almost a year now i have been working on a series of poems that i am currently calling “Standing Water.” It is, in some ways, a reaction to Trump. The poems are a reexamination of what it means for me to be American. It is currently in five parts: Daniel Boone, who was a childhood hero of mine, Apollo, which traces the Apollo 17 mission to the moon and back. Chernobyl, September 11, and Timelines. Some parts have proven difficult to write ( Daniel Boone, September 11), others have flowed fairly easily (Apollo, Timelines). The whole, the book, as i imagine it, also has an extensive introductory essay which is part history and part autobiography. After a year, i am almost done with a first draft. One it is finished, i will rewrite it carefully and extensively.

When it is finished, instead of self publishing it immediately, i may try to get it pulished through a univerisity press. We will see. So far none of my self published books are selling at all. I am planning a social media push. If it succeeds, maybe i will go with self publication again.

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