Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cold Morning

10 degrees Fahrenheit this cold December morning. Mount Rainier beautiful blue white in the rising sun. In the house it was only 62 degrees. Our poor furnace is over powered by the weather. Despite the clarity of the morning views, I look forward to the return of rain and warmer temperatures.

As for work, I have been working on school stuff primarily. I finished the first assignment for the visual basic class and started the second. I would like to have all the assignments ready before school starts. As for rewriting the book, I decided to hold off a bit until I have talked to the editor. I want to be sure what they want in the final manuscript. Once I know, I will begin an intensive rewrite.

I also had an idea for a another book. I have always had more ideas than I could handle at any one time. One of my problems has always been focus. I scatter my energies among many projects, rather than focusing on one of them and bring it to completion before I move on to the next.

One thing at a tme.

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