Monday, December 28, 2009

End of Sabbatical Reflections

It has been a busy few days. There was Christmas, of course. Then the day after Christmas we drove up to Seattle to the 5th Avenue theater to watch White Christmas. Yesterday was mostly down time, trying to recover.

The Sabbatical is almost over. A week from today, I believe, I must rise before the dawn, pull out of the driveway and drive to the bus stop where the bus will take me to Seattle. I will get off around Westlake and walk up Pine to the school. I will be back in my routine.

Have I accomplished what I wanted. Yes, and no? I finished the book and appendixes though I still need to focus on a concentrated rewrite. To do that I need some guidance from the editor, which I hope to get soon. I worked a lot on my own writings, though I didn't finish much of anything, and I didn't send things out for publication as I intended. I did redo my school web site and prepared the syllabi and all the assignments for Winter quarter. I have started to build my personal web site, which I hope can be a focus for my personal writings. (This blog will transition to become my personal blog and I will start a second blog devoted solely to my classes.) I got the front and back lawns planted. I have worked with Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010. I have read an enormous amount and have relaxed. The latter is perhaps the most important.

Am I ready to return? Yes, I think so. It is time to get teaching again.

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