Monday, December 7, 2009


I have solved some of my CSS problems. I just turned the second column white so it looks as long as the first even when it isn't. I still needed to add an extra div to provide background color for the heading.

Today I have been mostly working on Assignments for ITC 222 SQL. I have finished the database and finished the first seven assignments. Now I think I will try to get the first several assignments for ITC 172 Visual Basic.

Otherwise the main interest of the day has been the cold. Our poor furnace struggles to keep up and we can only heat the house with a mix of space heaters and the fireplace.

Brisk mornings can shock the mind alive. Maybe I will get some work done the next couple of days.

I have decided that when I return to school, this blog will become my personal blog associated with the web site I am designing. I will start a second blog that will focus only on materials for my students and classes.

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