Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First day of Classes

Today is the first day that it actually feels like I am on Sabbatical. Classes are starting and I am not there. I am sure I won't miss the commute, but I am worried I will miss the structure of working. I do better with structure. Now I have to make my own.

I ordered a couple of books from Barnes and Nobel the other day for some light reading: Hegel's Science of Logic and a long poem called "It" by Inger Christensen. For almost a century after his time, Hegel was the philosopher that one had to contend with either to expand on or refute. I have read a great many of the refutations. I thought it was time I read the man himself. The logic is considered his major work. Christensen is from Denmark and considered a major poet in Europe, though unheard of here. I find in her a kindred spirit. Her poems combine structural puzzles along with a hymn like beauty. Exactly what I have always striven for. Her poem "Alphabet," for instance is based on the Fibonacci sequence. She uses it to determine the number of lines in each section. (I often use mathematical structures too, though I usually count words.)

The trick will be to not get carried away with reading and to remember what I need to do.

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