Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Relief

Just turned in chapters 7-9 for peer review. That is a huge relief. As usual, I didn't have time to really proof them for typos or to correct some of the writing, but they're in. I can take a breather and work on my stuff for a week or two. Then I will start on the appendixes and on rewriting the earlier chapters.
I want to work on some short stories. There are two or three that are nearly done, and I have ideas for several more. The goal is not only to write them, but to send them out for publication. I have been writing for something like 38 years (I wrote my first stories and poems when I was a sophomore in high school). In all that time I have never stopped working on poems, translations, stories, essays and novels. But in all that time I have submitted very few things for publication. I think I have probably published a few dozen poems, in all. I hope to change that now and start sending things out on a regular basis.
I also intend to build a web site, where I will make may of my writings available to those who wish to read them (probably not a large number.) I have been studying printing on demand. It is a form of self publishing, but unlike the traditional vanity press where you purchase 500 copies to sit and mould in your garage, you only print as much as you need when you need, even single copies. I was thinking that my web site would let people read things for free. If someone wants hard copy, I could use print on demand to send them a physical book. We'll see.

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