Thursday, September 17, 2009

Misc. Comments

The gray skies of early morning are breaking up and the sun is streaming through. From my kitchen window I can see the blue top of Rainier floating above white clouds. It should be a good day. Technically, my sabbatical doesn't start for another two weeks. I think when I don't go to school on 28th, it will really hit me.
One of my first adventures, I think, will be to install Windows 7 on my laptop. It requires a clean install, which means I also have to reinstall all my applications. I ordered another copy of office from the Academic alliance store. (I don't have the media for my current installation--though it is a legal copy.) I have made sure I can get back to MacAfee to download the anti virus software. I can get Visual Studio and SQL Server. Most of the other programs can be reloaded from the web. I have written a few programs that run on IIS. I am not sure if they can be simply copied back and run. I may have to rewrite them, but that is usually a good exercise.
Anyway, I am a bit nervous about the process. My laptop has my life on it.
My Next project is to finish a couple of short stories. Then I will return to the textbook. I still have to write the appendixes and then rewrite the whole thing based on the peer reviews and my discussions with the editor. Still a lot of work ahead.

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