Thursday, September 10, 2009

Windows 7 and Art

I was disappointed to find that I can't upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 professional. It has to be done as a clean install. I might be willing to do this, but it means gathering together a great deal of software for reinstall. Office is the main problem. I hate to buy a new copy when the next version is coming out in just a few months.

Last night we went to a wine and cheese preview of the art at the Puyallip fair. A few pieces invoked a mild interest but most were fairly boring. There were the usual cowboy paintings, a few more or less awkward impressionistic landscapes, a couple of arresting water colors. I have a fondness for the imitations of Japanese and Chinese watercolors--the usual bamboo, plum blossoms or fish. There were a few pieces that would have been avant guard 70 years ago. A couple of well done realistic portraits.
I admit I am an elitist when it comes to art and literature. I am not interested in paintings that do what a photograph can do better. I am also not interested in paintings that imitate other styles of paintings without adding anything truly new. On the other hand, I have no problem with people doing that kind of art or liking it.
I wonder what it takes to create great art or literature these days. Sometimes I wonder if it is even possible. Though, on the other hand, I suspect that every age has felt that way to some extent.

Chapter 9 is now over 50 pages and growing. I will be very glad to have it done.

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