Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ASP.Net 4.0 Beta 2

I worked last night with ASP.Net in Visual Studio 2010. I was in for a few surprises. The default template now has a master page and a fairly elaborate prepared css style sheet. I suppose that could be good especially for someone just starting out, but I am not particularly fond of master pages. To start with just a web form you need to use the blank web page template.

Another issue I had was VS was not recognizing xhtml elements. It would underline each and give me a validation warning. It took me about an hour to figure out that if I went under Tools/Options/Text Editor/Html that there was a place to set the html target to xhtml Transitional. After that everything worked fine.

I also tried to do the ASP.Net with IIS. Again I had troubles configuring IIS to work with Windows Authentication. I got it so it would work, sort of. It still didn't work with database connections. I made an Login for the IUSER account and gave it access to a database. It worked in design, but not when running. Finally I got the connections to work by using SQL Authorization and adding the connection strings directly to IIS. It works. but I want to get the windows authorization to pass through.

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