Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sugar Hangover

So, a bright morning this first of November, greeted with a sugar hangover. We gave out close to six pounds of candy last night to what must of been well over a hundred kids (though "kids" is relative--some few of them could use a good shave--). This year we were prepared. We stocked up on candy like we had never stocked up before. The unfortunate side effect is that we still have a fair amount of candy. And my daughter brought home another several pounds of it. Even my sweet tooth is daunted.

The lawn, planted at the end of September is beginning to look like a real lawn. Emerald green in the gold of morning light.

So. I feeling the urge to get down to serious work. So far I have finished two appendixes and have two to go. Then I can get into the more intense process of rewriting. I want to add a section about documentation to each chapter. I also want to create rubrics for each chapter's scenario so both students and instructors know how to evaluate their work. . .

But, first the Seahawk game. I fully expect them to lose to Dallas, but hope, however unreasonable, always champions the improbable. . .

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