Friday, November 13, 2009


Stormy morning. I woke to the sound of the wind whistling past the bedroom window. There are rumors of a dusting of snow this evening. I love autumn, but I am not sure I am ready for winter to descend.

I am ready to rewrite the chapters, but I need to develop a consistent strategy, a way to approach the rewrite that keeps me from just floundering here and there through the text. So far I have this: start by adding the new stuff, in particular the section on documentation and the additional practices. Then I will look at my explanations and definitions expanding them and adding examples where necessary, cutting where required. Then, finally, I will look at the writing, correcting errors and cleaning up the syntax where it could use it. I wrote the chapters rapidly. I think I spent about 8 or 10 hours writing each one. I just let the prose flow. For the most part that is good, but there are places that are a bit awkward.

I must confess though that I would much rather work on other projects. I have just purchased a Domain I am more interested in working on the site than rewriting chapter one.

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