Sunday, October 18, 2009

Centennial musings

So, a weekend of centennial activities for Eatonville. Friday there was a Centennial Ball. (I hate dressing up). Saturday there was a parade. Today there is a dedication ceremony. And, since my daughter and grandchildren are involved in it all, I must attend.

100 years to grow to about 2000 people Still, survival is survival. Over a million people pass through here on the way to Mt. Rainier each year, though I suspect most don't remember that they did.

It is a long story how I ended up here, but I will spare you for now. Suffice it to say, for now, that houses down here cost around a quarter of what they cost in Seattle. There are other compensations. We can see the mountain from our back yard. Currently the hills around the town are gold with autumn leaves. When I commute, the first twenty miles or so consist of small farms, fields and trees. I often see deer or herds of elk. The drawbacks are the distance from work and other activities. (I am really sorry not to have made it to the PostGres Conference this weekend.)

I am starting to feel a mild anxiety about all I need to get done this sabbatical. There is really a lot to do on the textbook. So far I have only finished the appendix on Access. (I finished chapters seven, eight and nine, but that was officially between summer quarter and fall quarter, not on the sabbatical itself.) I need to finish 2 more appendixes and then rewrite all the existing chapters. That, plus all the other work I want to do.

This is the week to regain my focus.

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