Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting Started: Another Week

Each day I have spent two or more hours outside watering the seeded lawn. 8500 square feet of dirt. There are some pleasures in it. I am too muddy to come back inside, so I stay outside and watch the leaves turn, and the crows, and the kids playing in their front yard a couple houses away. I work a bit on my poems and think about what else I need to do. Still, I am looking forward to the coming rain. It will be a relief not to have to water every day, not to worry about the dry spots that appear by afternoon. . .

Finished the fraction class. All the operators are overloaded. I added a ToString() method that outputs the fraction in "1/2" form. I added a constructor that takes in a string of that format and separates out the numerator and denominator. I decided not to deal with mixed numbers.

Now what I really need to do is to finish my appendix on Access. One of these days soon I will return to my more philosophic thoughts, but today needs to be practical.

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