Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Neil Gaiman et al

This morning I was looking at Neil Gaiman's web site. I like the general layout and feel of it. I wouldn't mind something like that for my site. I am sure he isn't responsible for the site except for Blog. He is too busy and has people for that.

I just finished reading his The Graveyard Book. It is a children's book, but reads well enough for an adult. (In fact most librarians feel it reads a little too adult despite having won the Newberry award, and, fearing it might be too frightening for children, classify it as young adult. Much of his work is hard to classify, he writes everything form children's stories to books that are definitely adult. I could see children, exited by his works for kids, wandering into some of his more adult books such as American Gods. The difference is't so much the subject matter as the intensity of the violence and a little bit of adult language. ) Gaiman has a very unique sense of the world in his writings, a mix of myth and dream, nightmares and morality tales with a touch of the graphic novel or comic book (He did the Sandman series.) Very modern but very archetypal at the same time. It makes me think about my own fiction. Is there any unique slant I could develop? My stories, with a couple of exceptions, seem more Ray Bradburyish than anything.

Yesterday started with a dentist appointment and went downhill from there. Not that anything went horribly wrong. It is just that nothing really got started. I need to regain some focus today and going forward.

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