Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Couple Links

I am perpetually amazed at what is available on the Internet. One of my favorite sites is Ereignis. This site contains everything Heidegger: texts, discussions, articles, etc. Interestingly, I have not found similar sites for other philosophers.

The Internet is amazing for what it has, but it can sometimes be as amazing for what is absent. My students, my son for that matter, rarely turn to books for information. The subject map of the Internet may be the map of tomorrow's knowledge. The idea does not put me into despair. Modes of literacy change. Once knowledge was what you and your neighbors had managed to memorize. (Plato was suspicious of writing because it would mar memory by making it lazy and replace living dialog with dead text.)

Whatever the gaps, the amount and variety of information available is infinitely richer than what I had available to me when I was young searching the Coeur d' Alene Library and the local Drugstore book rack.

A second link, this one more professional. It is a wonderful site with hundreds of articles for developers using almost any platform and language.

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