Thursday, October 15, 2009

PostGres Access Centennial

There is a PostGres Convention with Seminars being held at Seattle Central this weekend. I had fully intended to attend, but unfortunately it falls on the same weekend as Eatonville's Centennial Celebration. There is a ball I am expected to go to Friday, a parade Saturday in which my daughter and my grandson are participating, and events on Sunday. Most weekends are free and would pose no conflicts, but it just happens they chose this weekend. . .

I have been working on the appendix on Access. I was a bit surprised to learn that Access no longer supports user based security at all. (It makes sense, in a way, since user based security in older versions of Access was a nightmarish mess.) That makes it useless with my security chapter. I also realized that I will have to redo the whole ASP.Net application to work with Access since I can't use stored procedures. I was further surprised to find that the OLEDB provider doesn't work with Access 2007 but the SQL Client one does. (at least in the Wizard.)

Today, there is a break in the rain. There are tiny green shoots throughout my lawn. Maybe I will get some grass after all.


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